How to Distress a Mirror

These are the materials you need; flat paint, vasaline, briar wax or stain, sand paper, paint brush, cloth, glass cleaner and paper towels and the item you want to distress.

Paint your mirror or piece you are going to distress with two coats of flat paint. You need flat paint so the finish is dry and the stain will stick to it. I painted on the mirror because it scrapes off easy with a razor blade.

Next take the sand paper and sand the edges of the object with it. Some areas you can sand more than others, taking off some paint showing the wood underneath.  You don’t want to sand everywhere.

Then take your paint brush and vasaline and paint the vasaline on where you don’t want the stain to darken. This will protect the true color of the paint color you used.

Then take the cloth and dip into the briar wax and wipe on the mirror or object your distressing.

Make sure you coat the area that is showing the wood underneath generously.

The more you put on the areas showing wood, the darker those areas will be.

Then wipe off all the briar wax and vasaline.

You will see that the vasaline protected the area it was on from the stain or briar wax color.

Finished results. Now I will scape the extra paint off the mirror with a razor blade and clean the mirror.

Finished results! Ready to hang!