Picking Fabric Patterns for a Room

Where do you start for choosing patterns? Well, you might want to see what is currently available. Check all the places you shop. Whether it’s drapes, rugs or pillows your matching, you need to check all places that sell those things to make sure you will have enough pieces to go together. Then you will know what pieces you can purchase.  Next, pick your desired piece for inspiration. Let’s say I picked this chair.

Now, what do I pick? Well, the chairs pattern would be a large pattern. You would be able to mix a stripe, solid, floral or other dimensional prints, with the same colors or one color with it. Here is a sample that would work. 

Gray is the dominant color in the chair and it is in this floral print as well. You wouldn’t want a cream floral background because there isn’t any cream in the chair. You can also mix different sizes of prints. Since the chair print is  a larger swirl you can put a small one with it or another smaller shape with it.


I have seen some crazy patterns mixed and sometimes the more you mix the better it all goes together. The only thing I would suggest is that the colors your mixing are the same tones. With an exception of putting pillows on a neutral couch or drapes on a neutral wall.  So have fun with it!