Top 10 Graduation Gifts

Are you wanting  to give a graduate a gift, but don’t know what? Here is my top 10 list for the graduate.

1. Keepsake Boxes


These are nice because they have a place for keepsakes such as, their tassel, pictures, cards, ticket stubs and other mementos from high school. More than likely, they won’t throw it away, because a box is always good for organizing. 

2. Inspirational Signs

These are nice to take to college. You can pick whatever message you want them to think of for inspiration, when they need it most.

3. Anything that smells good


These are nice non-electrical  items to take along. They will come in handy when you don’t want the leftover pizza to stink up the dorm room.

4. Jewelry or Jewelry Candle


These are nice keepsakes for girls. For guys, money clips with a little cash is also great.

5. Magnetic Chalkboard

This is great for the dorm. Roommates can leave notes or messages with chalk, or it  can be used for organizing or putting photos on it.

6. Picture Frames

You can put a personal message on this magnetic one. Any frame will be great for their new space. A bright cheerful color representing their new school would sure be a hit!

7.  Photo Albums

A new photo album would be great for new memories or fill it with pictures of their friends or favorite places from their hometown. When they need a smile they can open the album.

8. Creative Money/ Candy Gifts

Who doesn’t love money and Candy? Right… It’s a gift everyone would love.

9. Gift Cards

Gift cards are fun to give. For the more unusual gift card, find stores in the town your student is going and give them a new place to check out. The bookstore giftcard is always a hit too.

10. Dorm Room Survival Kit

This is nice to put together for things they might need in situations not thought of. Sewing kit, super glue, duck tape, ziploc bags, lint roller, pepper spray, flashlight, bandages, cough drops, antibiotic cream and any other things you might think of.