Why Hire an Interior Decorator

Hiring an interior decorator is not just a luxury for the rich and famous. Interior decorators work with people of all budgets. Whether it is a small project like buying new furniture for a room, or a large renovation of a house, hiring an interior decorator is well worth the investment.

Simple situations to hire an interior decorator:

  • Picking paint colors for a new room or whole house
  • Buying new furniture
  • Decorating a room with accents
  • Picking out window treatments
  • Positioning furniture in a room
  • Going through old decor and deciding what to keep
  • Declutter/organize
  • Reinvent old items
  • Holiday/Event decorating

When working with more complex situations like room renovations big or small, hiring a decorator can be a great investment. Designers and decorators are trained to think differently, and they often have the eye to see things the homeowners may not have noticed or even realized could be done. Because decorators have numerous resources at their disposal, they know the trends that will come and go from design ideas with staying power.

Even though a designer will charge a fee, the investment may be well worth the expense when the room is done right the first time. A home’s value and property appeal are not only determined by aesthetical appeal, but also can be affected by where the money is spent in a renovation. Hiring an interior decorator can help a homeowner avoid costly design errors.